Pink Luminous Premium Glass Rhinestones


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Size: SS20 - 5mm | 1440 pieces

SS20 - 5mm | 1440 pieces
SS16 - 4mm | 1440 pieces
SS12 - 3mm | 1440 pieces
SS03 - 1.2mm | 1440 pieces
Mix Size | 38-40grams

Premium Glass Luminous Rhinestones has beautiful sparkle effect like no other and can glow in the dark when charged under natural sunlight and/or UV Light.

Mix Size Rhinestones includes 5mm, 4mm and 3mm

✨ Due to mass production of each batch of premium glass rhinestones created in manufacturing can result in slightly different shades of the same color. We work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure the most consistent stock we can. But there can be slight differences in batches or different sizes that is beyond our control. Please keep this in consideration when planning your project.

✨ Luminous, Metallic and AB Rhinestones have a special coating in each rhinestones that gives their unique sparkle and finish. Rhinestones with this finish /coating can show wear or chip over time, please be mindful of this while planning your projects and when washing them when applied on a tumbler/cup or anything that needs consistent washing when used. Avoid Heavy scrubbing with rough material that causes abrasion. To Prolong the shine and sparkle we recommend only using soft sponge and providing your customers with care card if this is something you wish to use as a business project.

✨ HappyGamLife Premium Glass Rhinestones are made from premium quality Glass Rhinestones and has a flat back without adhesive and needed to be applied using permanent rhinestones glue. 

✨ All Rhinestones are packaged by weight, as such exact stone count can slightly vary by a few stones.

Additional Information

SS20 - 5mm | 1440 pieces, SS16 - 4mm | 1440 pieces, SS12 - 3mm | 1440 pieces, SS03 - 1.2mm | 1440 pieces, Mix Size | 38-40grams