Let it Snow

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Categories: Glitter Collection

Metallic Shaped Glitter with ultra Fine Mix: 

This product is good for Tumblers, Resin Mold, Shakers, Nail Art, Cosmetic, and many many more! The possibilities are endless! 

Product Details: ­ 

  • Material Polyester Glitter 
  • Grade: Premium Grade
  • Finish :Metallic Glitter with ultra fine mix
  • Color : White and SIlver
  • Glitter Size : Mix Shaped Mix
  • Bottle Size : 60mL  
  • Bottle Type : Dual Lid [Spoon and Shaker]
  • Glitter Weight : 27-30 grams

More Information

  • Non-Toxic 
  • UV Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Solvent Resistant


**This glitter is NOT edible**