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Quantity and Weight: SS20 | 1,000pcs bag

SS20 | 1,000pcs bag
SS16 | 2,000pcs bag
SS12 | 4,000pcs bag

High Quality Resin Rhinestone

Flat back

Non Hot Fix

Notes & Disclaimer 

All stones are packaged by weight therefore the actual stone count can vary per bag. 

AB and Metallic products have coatings applied over the product to achieve their unique color. Therefore Products with these coatings can show wear or chip overtime with handling and use. 

Some stone may have some imperfection therefore we are always giving extra or more in each bag.

All product are Non-Refundable and Non Exchangeable.

We appreciate your support and understanding.

Thank You !

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Quantity and Weight

SS20 | 1,000pcs bag, SS16 | 2,000pcs bag, SS12 | 4,000pcs bag